The film examines the misconceptions surrounding people living with HIV/AIDS in Manipur, a small state in northeastern India. Manipur lies adjacent to the to the Golden Triangle and is the traditional connection between India and Southeast Asia.

This film addresses the issue of stigma and discrimination against HIV positive people in a

traditional Asian society. This film was shown at the Short Documentary Exhibition at MoMa in February 2005 and is now in it's permanent collection.

In God's Own Universe

A look at the humane side of the drug user in Manipur. A small state in north-eastern India, lying in the south eastern foothills of the Himalayas. Manipur borders Myanmar (Burma) in the east and it lies on the route to the Golden Triangle. The problem of drug related issues have been long haunting the state and a relatively conservative society has been struggling to deal with the predicament and it's consequences. Manipur still continues to battle this plight in ways unique like itself.

IDA Healthy Smile Happy Smile

An Indian Dental Association initiative for free dental check ups in schools of rural India.

Faith in Change

The film presents a glimpse into the intimate lives of three people and their families in Manipur who came out triumphant in giving up drugs. Drug Substitution Therapy is an oral medication of a legal drug like Buprenorphine, prescribed by a doctor. The medication reduces cravings and stops withdrawal from heroin and other drugs from the opioid family. This film was screened at the MIAAC (Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council) Film Festival in 2009 November.


Lakshya is the name of a scheme initiated by IHAT (India Health Action Trust) in association with UNICEF. The film brings out the results of the Link Worker's scheme where the link workers have intervened to bring about awareness of HIV in more than 100 villages in the district of Tonk in Rajasthan, India.

Child Rights PSA

The impact of armed conflict on human is devastating. And the impact on the children is an irredeemable lost, for the present as well as future. The Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 was implemented in some states of India which is declared as disturbed areas by the Government of India. It's an Act which gives impunity to the armed forces. It's an Act implemented to fight the elements responsible for disturbing the integrity and security of the nation, not the innocent children. 

When a Family Comes Together

In coordination with the National AIDS Control Program, PFI led NGO consortium is implementing the care and support program since April 2005. The programs have helped in mobilizing PLHIV to access services, follow up PLHIV for adherence and encourage the involvement of family. Held from 9th to 11th December 2009 at Vishwa Yuva Kendra, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi. 

This film encapsulates the event and captures the events and the emotions of the organizers and the participants.

Will you take me home

A public service announcement film on child adoption. Produced by PNY (Punya Nawa Yaiphakol) laying stress on the emotional, technical and legal aspects of adopting children.

Baseball Dreams

A five minute promotional film about baseball in the eastern Himalayan state of Manipur in northeastern India. It also looks at the efforts of FIRST PITCH: THE U.S. MANIPUR BASEBALL PROJECT which is a non-profit, pilot project of a sports and cultural exchange whose goal is to promote the American national pastime in Manipur.

With minimal equipment and resources, Manipuris play baseball simply for the love of the game.